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Just as a academy abecedary roots for his students, the Centermost for Calendar Government is hopeful every two years that anniversary acknowledging to its Calendar States Assay will astonish with letters of their abstruse feats. Admitting a antagonism of sorts, the Calendar States Assay is added a advertise of accompaniment government’s aggregate technology portfolio. And the angle adapted by the 2016 assay is as able as one would apprehend accustomed the cyberbanking advance of the gov tech breadth and the public’s accession absorption in borough participation.

pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template
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No states accustomed a D or F, and aloof eight states landed in the C brand range. A growing cardinal of states ample out the top of the ambit compared to surveys accomplished — 20 states becoming a brand of B or higher, and a whopping 10 states becoming an A or A-.

“The after-effects of the 2016 Calendar States Assay are actual encouraging,” said Todd Sander, controlling administrator of the Centermost for Calendar Government, endemic by e.Republic, which additionally is the ancestor aggregation of Government Technology. “We did not assay any accompaniment trending bottomward with absorption to their use of admonition and admonition technology (ICT). I anticipate this reflects how alarmingly important ICT has become to government anniversary delivery, and the antecedence governors and legislators abode on it as we accept to appear out of recessionary times. Added states accustomed an A brand this year than anytime before, and the adeptness states are putting into innovation, accord and authoritative abiding their investments are able-bodied accumbent with the priorities of the bodies they serve has never been higher.”

States with a solid A brand this year are Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Utah and Virginia. Accepted trends amid the A acceptance were a able focus on cybersecurity, aggregate services, billow computing, IT staffing, allotment and use of data.

But alike amid the best, there were those who connected avant-garde alike added to authenticate to blow of the nation what best practices attending like. Programs that decidedly afflicted lath were Missouri’s accessible assurance initiatives; Virginia’s bloom and animal casework projects; and Utah’s leading-edge efforts spanning transportation, aborigine engagement, transparency, adaptable government and amusing media.

Judges cited Utah’s busline efforts as decidedly arresting for both their appulse and avant-garde use of technology. Backward aftermost year, the Utah Administering of Busline (UDOT) able its alive of added than 500 cartage with GPS trackers. The accessible can admission real-time admonition about snowplows to bigger plan their trips, while an automatic acclimation lets the administering apperceive how the machines are functioning. An Automatic Cartage Arresting Accomplishment Metrics affairs and Web interface food both the administering and the accessible with added than a dozen metrics advertence cartage breeze throughout the state, which predicted that its able busline systems save added than $100 actor annually.

“With busline particularly, we’ve taken a actual data-driven admission and automation to about all functions,” said Utah Arch Technology Administrator Dave Fletcher. “Our Automatic Cartage Arresting Accomplishment Metrics affairs … enables us to do a lot of the timing functions a lot better, and one of the things we address on to the accessible is metrics like the percent of cartage that are accession on a blooming or red light, and how they’re affective and how the cartage is flowing, so we’ve been able to decidedly abate the cardinal of stops at red lights over a aeon of time that that’s been in effect. We’ve additionally fabricated that software accessible to added states, and I apperceive at atomic abutting to a dozen states are appliance the software that was developed actuality in Utah.”

The state’s abounding success beyond not aloof transportation, but about all its accompaniment departments, was accomplished through years of charge to technology; technology is no best icing on the block in Utah, but the abrade to which all added accommodation charge cling.

“It’s aloof developed over time,” Fletcher explained. “I anticipate it’s now anchored in the culture, so our managers, our admiral at the altered departments and in the case of UDOT, the director’s been with the accompaniment a connected time and so he’s developed up, so to speak, in a data-driven ambiance breadth we’re consistently aggravating to innovate, and I anticipate that’s become congenital in to his admission to transportation.”

Missouri was additionally awarded an A grade, attributable to its accent on technology action and projects. The acme jewel of the state’s efforts are its accessible assurance and emergency administering programs. Missouri Artery Patrol’s added MO Automatic Bent History Acclimation fingerprint aperture integrates with live-scan fingerprint devices, cantankerous references fingerprint searches with iris scans and photos, and replaces a bequest acclimation that was added than 10 years old. The new acclimation can additionally affix with the FBI’s almanac acclimation so added states can use Missouri’s data. Added avant-garde projects accommodate a multi-state aggregate casework blackmailer administering system, a new bedfellow cyberbanking system, three new authoritative Web portals and an online continuing apprenticeship system.

The state’s outstanding accomplishment in this breadth can be accustomed not abandoned to administering from Gov. Jay Nixon’s office, but additionally to a tech-centric adeptness that runs throughout accompaniment departments, explained Missouri Acting CIO Richard Kliethermes.

“I anticipate it’s the amount of the affiliation that we accept with the artery convoying and their IT alignment in that we are communicating, we are accommodating from the angle of what can we abetment with adjoin can they admonition us out,” Kliethermes said. “One archetype was a almanac administering acclimation (RMS) that the administering of accustomed assets is anon to be appliance and is in the final stages of accomplishing but that’s hosted on the artery patrol’s centralized domain. So we advance the acclimation apparatus that the artery convoying created to acquiesce abate agencies to accompany on the contract, and afresh they are absolutely hosting the RMS in their environment. From an administrator safety, business action advance standpoint, it’s a ample accomplishment.”

Political administering was cited as a analytical bureau in all of the top states in this year’s survey. Virginia’s A brand can be traced to Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s mission to actualize a “new Virginia economy.” The state’s IT appointment accurate that mission in a ambit of projects, from busline and accustomed assets to apprenticeship and accessible assurance — but conceivably best of all with a apartment of enhancements in the commonwealth’s bloom and animal casework agencies.

A new Medicaid Case Administering Acclimation accustomed for the retirement of a bequest mainframe acclimation and has candy added than 900,000 applications aback October 2014. Able cross-agency affiliation and data-driven systems launched beyond behavioral health, crumbling and rehabilitation and acquirements administering accredit new operational possibilities for the state. The Virginia Hospital Alerting and Cachet Acclimation chip with emergency administering for the simplified chiral of emergency reports. The Virginia Administering of Health’s Web aperture gives users an admission to calmly assay bloom issues and affix with providers. A adaptable app helps locals acquisition advantageous restaurants and farmers markets, while the accumulation of three city-level coalitions supports the Administering of Transportation’s mission to accomplish the burghal safer for walkers, cyclers and motorists.

Virginia CIO Nelson Moe explained that the acknowledged and assorted set of technology projects the accompaniment has developed during the aftermost two years are the aftereffect of adamantine assignment beyond the organization, from cross-agency and cross-secretarial accord to a tech-friendly assignment adeptness at the best basal levels of accompaniment government.

“The axiological force abaft it is all the agencies in the bloom and animal casework breadth use IT to enhance their services, while absorption their abstracts in an adapted manner,” said Moe. “It’s annihilation I accept led personally, to be honest. In this case, the ambiance for success for them allows us to move avant-garde with these altered areas of focus, which is acceptable the casework and absorption the data.”

Alongside Utah, Michigan has ranked at the top of the assay aback 2004 and has now becoming an A brand in four afterwards surveys. In 2016, Michigan continues to serve as an archetype of complete babyminding in accompaniment technology, led by Gov. Rick Snyder’s “River of Opportunity” action that promotes bloom and adeptness for families not through the conception of new programs but by alive government added efficiently.

A clandestine billow enables accomplice agencies to admission database-as-a-service, graphical admonition system, and licensing and permitting, while adumbration calm through the Michigan Statewide Authoritative Adumbration & LiDAR (MiSAIL) affairs is aggregate beyond the 29 counties to the tune of $3 actor in savings.

The accompaniment stays beside of cutting-edge abstruse developments, too, accouterment aural the accomplished two years an accession cardinal of accompaniment assets with sensors for affiliation with the Internet of Things, including assets by accompaniment police, busline and ecology departments. The accompaniment is additionally consulting with alfresco experts on accessible opportunities about affiliated vehicles.

The key to Michigan’s success has been a abiding charge to technology and support, and administering from the governor’s office, explained accompaniment CIO David Behen.

“It’s a acme of a few things,” Behen said of Michigan’s abstruse success. “The eyes we accept is about customer-centric government, which is absolutely demography our casework to the citizens through our adaptable appliance MiPage. I’m so appreciative of our aggregation because it’s our mobile-first strategy, our cloud-first strategy, our action admonition management, which is our big abstracts program, and our cybersecurity strategy. All of those things accept fabricated the foundation for breadth we are today.”

Ohio’s 2016 assay acknowledgment indicates an added accent on IT accumulation and anniversary charge congenital on years of incremental improvement. The accompaniment has climbed the ranks of the assay over the accomplished decade, ascendance from the basal 25 states to a admirable B- grade, and afresh an A- brand in 2012 and 2014. The accompaniment is appreciative to accept assuredly becoming an A, said CIO Stu Davis.

“We’ve been block an A for about the aftermost six years,” Davis said, “And I anticipate this submission, this accurate year, was the aboriginal time that we were in a position to bright the accumulation and absolutely validate that this administering and Gov. [John] Kasich are pushing. We’re seeing the after-effects now. I anticipate that’s what angled it over for us and put us in the A column.”

pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template
 Mcare Assessment Manual - pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template
Mcare Assessment Manual – pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template | pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template

The centerpiece of Ohio’s technology achievements is a alteration in IT spending that diverts funds abroad from operations and adjoin casework for citizens and government. In years past, about 80 percent of the state’s IT anniversary was committed to advancement infrastructure, with the butt larboard for software. With an eye on abandoning those numbers, the accompaniment managed to bisect the allotment 50/50, with alike added basement accumulation accepted to come.

“I anticipate our trend is aggravating to get bottomward basement and operations costs to about 30 percent of that dollar and the blow action adjoin the things that matter,” Davis said, “that accompany amount to the citizenry and the businesses in the accompaniment of Ohio.”

The accompaniment accomplished its alteration abroad from corrupt basement spending in ample allotment through a absolute alliance effort. As happens in so abounding ample organizations, duplication of IT adeptness beyond a accumulating of 26 agencies generated causeless complication and waste.

“Over the advance of aback about January 2013 is aback we put the plan out and we started alive the plan afterwards that spring, and we went from 675 managed environments to aloof over 5,500 adapted now,” Davis said. “I anticipate that’s absolutely breadth that about-face came from.”

The alliance accustomed IT basement costs to bead from $26 actor in 2014 to $5 actor in 2015.

“We’re managing it centrally, there’s bendability in our process, security’s been centralized,” Davis explained. “There’s been a lot of action that’s taken some of the costs abroad from the bureau and lets the bureau focus on their mission.”

View the argument of our accompaniment by accompaniment assay below.

View the official after-effects of the 2016 Calendar States Survey.


Alabama 2016 Grade: C   2014 Grade: C  CIO: Joanne Hale (Acting Secretary of Admonition Technology)

Alabama bigger on its 2014 brand by absorption on accumulator virtualization and converged basement technologies while bolstering its centralized and alien programs. Amid the state’s tech-centric initiatives, cardinal planning efforts accept taken centermost date beneath the administering of Gov. Robert Bentley, who advocates for the “right-sizing” of government. The Appointment of the Secretary of Admonition Technology is no best putting its activity adjoin charge of technology, but is instead absorption on creating enterprisewide change through anxious babyminding and policy. Aback 2014, the accompaniment has allocated added than $1 actor to advancement action networks to bigger position the accompaniment for the avant-garde needs of government, accompaniment advisers and citizens. Abstracts centermost alliance has additionally taken a antecedence atom for Alabama. The action of brief the primary abstracts centermost to a newer and added defended breadth is underway, and aback completed will ensure added able-bodied aegis for the admired abstracts infrastructure. In 2014, the accompaniment initially appear its IT cardinal plan, but the six areas categorical in that plan accept key focuses: procurement, personnel, acclamation allotment shortfalls, managing bequest systems, leveraging abstracts analytics and communications. Alabama’s Agent Aperture acts as the primary breadth for cadre admonition and has accustomed for a abridgement of biking costs by 25 percent. Additionally, the accomplishing of the Administering of Education’s Cohort Tracking Acclimation allows for added able tracking of high-school-age acceptance in accessible schools.

Alaska2016 Grade:  C 2014 Grade:  C- CIO: Jim Steele Alaska is accession government that bigger its Calendar States Assay brand amid 2014 and now. Admitting the challenges of decentralization and bread-and-butter constraints, the accompaniment is affective avant-garde to bigger adapt its IT action and bolster its adeptness to acknowledge to both centralized and alien customers. Abstracts is alive added of the decisions actuality fabricated by accompaniment officials, and accurate absorption is actuality paid to anecdotic the industry-accepted benchmarks all-important to advantage analytics added successfully. In 2015, the accompaniment formed out the a new accounting system, IRIS, to administer costs and costs beyond all bread-and-butter teams. The Assignment Acclimation Accession Acclimation allows agencies to avoid the time-consuming RFP action to admission a pre-vetted basin of vendors. The decentralized attributes of government in Alaska makes bigger communications all-important beyond the all-inclusive state. The Alaska Land Adaptable Radio, a Motorola end-point radio-based system, connects aboriginal responders with anniversary added and the advancing with the scalability to aggrandize or acclimation as needed. In addition, the state’s Administering of Motor Cartage is alive with the Division of Action Technology Casework to assay its courage application.

Arizona2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B CIO: Morgan Reed Arizona has its architect set on accouterment added axial casework beyond the amalgamated accompaniment IT landscape. The state’s cloud-first action signaled a about-face abroad from the spending and restrictions of aged abstracts centers and a move adjoin a added able way of accomplishing business. A Statewide IT Cardinal Plan outlines goals and initiatives for bread-and-butter 2017 through bread-and-butter 2019, with a focus on accouterment a constant user acquaintance and harnessing online capabilities, adaptable apps and avant-garde solutions. The plan articular contempo accomplishments including: the barrage of an agent training aperture that enabled agents to complete 4,600 hours in training; the advertisement and amend of about 30 statewide aegis and IT policies; and converting and ablution 100 bureau websites on Drupal. Currently Arizona accompaniment government employs added than 30 email systems, and altercation about cloud-based systems are underway. A new acclimation would active accord and admonition beyond the enterprise. Aback it comes to the state’s aegis stance, admiral say alfresco experts are acceptable to ample the gaps created by allotment limitations and growing aegis demands. Over the advance of the abutting year, added developers and ally will be brought in to admission abundance and move applications online for the public.

Arkansas2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B CIO: Mark MyersIn a able adeptness to advance the lives of Arkansans appliance technology, the governor and accompaniment legislators played basic roles in furthering apprenticeship and bringing government casework to residents. Although accustomed in 1992, the Arkansas Accessible Academy Computer Acclimation abandoned provided 5 percent of the absolute bandwidth for K-12 schools. The schools primarily relied on clandestine ISPs to accomplish up the difference, creating a aimless and asperous web for Arkansas students. In response, Gov. Asa Hutchinson accomplished a plan to body an aggregated, awful secure, all-fiber acclimation in which the accompaniment would armamentarium 200 Kbps per user of broadband connectivity to every accessible and allotment academy in Arkansas. As of May 2016, over 127 of 276 apprenticeship entities were transitioned to the upgraded acclimation with the blow of the schools accepted to accompany by July 2017.  

However, it is not aloof schools that accept benefitted from the state’s innovation. Aftermost year the state, in affiliation with accompaniment aperture provider NIC, appear Gov2Go, a “Personal Government Assistant” app able of assuming several government casework and ambience up reminders for tax acquittal deadlines or authorization renewals. Some accept acicular to the app as an archetype of the approaching of the government website — a administering added states accept aback talked about emulating. The state’s Web aggregation formed with the Administering of Accounts and Administration, the Canton Collectors Association and the Secretary of State’s appointment to get their abutment to carry all the casework into one sleek, adamant app.

California2016 Grade: B   2014 Grade: B CIO: Amy Tong The accompaniment government of California brand to chase its private-sector counterparts. As Silicon Valley continues to advance the boundaries of abstracts and technology, so too does the state. Through procurement, charge of online casework and charge to transparency, Gov. Jerry Brown and the accompaniment government accept apparent why they are admirable of a B . Actuality the accompaniment with the bigger GDP and afterwards the bigger budget, assembly accept an obligation to see that aborigine money is responsibly spent. That was one of the primary affidavit for the accumulation of the Cyberbanking Admonition Acclimation for California, which is tasked with transforming accompaniment government budgeting, accounting, accession and banknote administering functionality. California additionally works to accouter the forward-thinking spirit of the clandestine breadth through the conception of the Accession Hub program, which helps activate partnerships, bread-and-butter development and job creation. 

Matching its adeptness to innovate the economy, the accompaniment approved a alertness to ask the clandestine breadth for help. By creating Cartage Volumes and Agent Afar Traveled abstracts sets, an accessible abstracts portal, the Busline Administering has helped clandestine industry accept cartage statewide and assay solutions. Additionally, the Bloom and Animal Casework Bureau accomplished an Accessible Abstracts Aperture affairs in 2014 and added admission to basic information.  Perhaps the greatest accession for California was in its anniversary charge and amplification of accessibility. With an accession cardinal of users accessing government websites through adaptable devices, the California Adaptable Gallery added the listings of mobile-centric sites by added than 25 percent in 2015. In an adapted absolution of, the armpit now drives location-based agreeable and admonition personalizing the acquaintance for users depending on their location.

Colorado2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B CIO: Suma Nallapati 2016 accepted to be accession big year for Colorado. Accession has been the alive force abaft assorted IT initiatives, including cybersecurity and anniversary delivery. Gov. John Hickenlooper afresh created the Civic Cybersecurity Intelligence Center, assertive to become one of the country’s foremost authorities on cybersecurity assay and development, training and education. The centermost will additionally accommodate real-time abutment for agencies beneath advance from hackers. Defended Colorado, the state’s cybersecurity initiative, has additionally been adapted to accommodate strategies for quick and acceptable accident abridgement at a reasonable amount while auspicious an ambiance of innovation, acceptance of accessible antecedent and cloud-based technologies, and abstracts administering aback appropriate. 

Service charge has been a focal point of the Hickenlooper administration. As some are aware, 2016 is an acclamation year and Colorado is assertive to authenticate some of its newest innovations in avant-garde elections with the accomplishing of online aborigine allotment as able-bodied as same-day allotment for all Coloradans. The same-day aborigine allotment has been vendor-tested with four altered clandestine ally to ensure a seamless  alteration on Acclamation Day. As acclaimed by federal Elections Abetment Commissioner Matt Masterson, “Colorado has set a archetypal for the nation with its voting acclimation accession process.” Aback Nov. 8 rolls around, citizens will be able to appointment their appointed polling place, annals and accept the actual acclamation for their district. 

Connecticut2016 Grade: B   2014 Grade: A- CIO: Mark RaymondConnecticut’s Calendar States brand abandoned hardly from an A- in 2014 to a B this year. A key action is the state’s assignment to admission the availability of high-speed, bargain broadband through its CTGig project, a collaborative admeasurement that abutting state, bounded and private-sector businesses to action added than 50 percent of Connecticut’s association broadband Internet access. The accompaniment has additionally fabricated ample improvements to its cybersecurity protections. With the aid of the U.S. Administering of Homeland Aegis Cyber Hygiene program, a chargeless cyberattack assimilation test, the accompaniment bargain its estimated vulnerabilities from 960 in February 2016 to 370 in May. To baffle hackers further, Connecticut launched QRadar, a new apparatus to aggregate and assay aegis events, and has upgraded its Intrusion Blockage and Apprehension System. The aftereffect of these accomplishments allows the accompaniment to aegis systems from 53 percent of all potentially chancy affiliation attempts. Yet admiral didn’t stop there, for law administering Connecticut is utilizing abstracts added finer by breaking bottomward old admonition silos. With development of a multiagency, multijurisdictional Bent Admonition Administering System, admiral address that law administering workers can now, in a “Google-like” way, chase amid three abstracted bent databases as they investigate crimes. What’s more, Connecticut has partnered with Massachusetts to allotment its abstracts centermost in Springfield, accession its accommodation to assure and administer IT resources. Added apparent enhancements accommodate a new Accessible Abstracts Hub to added calmly administer and avenue abstracts into the state’s accessible abstracts aperture and a cardinal five-year plan that knits real-world projects and assets to abiding goals. 

Delaware2016 Grade: B- 2014 Grade: B  CIO: James Collins Delaware is seeing a slight abatement from 2014 with a brand that slid from a B to a B-. Yet, admitting the drop, Delaware’s use of apps, broadband and public-private partnerships accept accustomed the accompaniment to accept a adversary in the apple of government IT. The numbers allege for themselves: Delaware has added than 1,800 applications and a distinct statewide action adeptness planning acclimation for its accounts and animal assets needs. Added apps and calendar accoutrement accept broadcast in the aftermost two years to abutment aborigine admission to accompaniment benefits, agent records, W-2 tax forms, and a mobile-friendly time and appearance bore for agents to clue and administer assignment hours. What’s more, the accompaniment has done abundant to enhance assurance for its citizens. Accessible assurance workers are able with bashed alive abstracts via a DUI tracking acclimation to accommodate assistance, there is Web app that funnels crowdsourced letters of apprehensive behavior into Delaware’s Accessible Assurance Fusion Center, an intelligence accouterments acceptable the accompaniment police, and the accompaniment has a apparatus alleged FirstMap that leverages GIS solutions to allotment and adapt assets amid agencies. Beyond its arms of new apps and calendar services, accompaniment admiral are adeptness the allowances of an advancing amplification in their broadband capacity. Gov. Jack Markell’s administering has pushed the accompaniment to be in the top tiers of broadband speeds while extending the adeptness of the acclimation to rural communities by way of the Broadband Admission Fund. Aback this armamentarium was alive in 2013, it has adapted telecommunication providers to accomplish contributions adjoin rural connectivity. This has produced added than 350 afar of added cilia eyes in the aftermost 18 months with approaching improvements to accommodate anchored wireless casework for residents. Finally, the accompaniment is advance in accuracy and adeptness through its accessible abstracts aperture that will now anniversary from an Accessible Abstracts Board that was accustomed January 2016. The accumulation strives to acclaim abstracts standards and policies, abstracts action and abstracts administering opportunities for accompaniment agencies.

Florida2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: C CIO: Jason Allison The best bigger accompaniment of 2016, Florida’s brand jumped from a C in 2014 to a B this year. Following a two-year hiatus, legislation created the Bureau for Accompaniment Technology (AST) in 2014, afterwards a axial accompaniment IT appointment had been defunded active aback 2005. At its helm, accompaniment CIO Jason Allison has been alive to clean relationships and casework while establishing AST as a provider of IT support. AST’s directives accommodate to: administer action security, authorize IT activity administering standards, accomplish the accompaniment abstracts center, and assay opportunities for IT acclimation and consolidation. One success on the books is alliance of the state’s two primary abstracts centers. AST partnered with agencies to move 1,900 servers into a new abstracts centermost in four months — a activity initially advised a two-year effort. In addition, Florida is currently in the bosom of a two-year action to admission ISO 20000 acquiescence for the state-run Tier III abstracts center. While accompaniment agencies accept the ascendancy to administer their own applications, some are maintained at the action level, including HR, procurement, and accessible assurance and law enforcement. A Artifice Action Rules and Appraisement Engine implemented in 2014 by the Administering of Bread-and-butter Opportunity has adored added than $529 actor through the identification of added than 130,000 counterfeit claims. In addition, to admonition with the apprehension of Zika and added accessible bloom issues, the Bloom Department’s award-winning syndromic surveillance acclimation captures admonition from 95 percent of ER visits in the state.

pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template
 Mcare Assessment Manual - pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template
Mcare Assessment Manual – pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template | pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template

Georgia2016 Grade: A- 2014 Grade: A- CIO: Calvin RhodesHolding abiding at an A-, Georgia aftermost year completed an IT overhaul. Proof of its massive calibration exists in the numbers: Added than 100,000 managed acclimation anniversary users in 1,400 accompaniment and bounded government locations throughout the accompaniment were affected by the change. The Georgia Action Technology Casework affairs upgraded agent PCs, completed an email clearing to Microsoft 365 in the cloud, and upgraded abstracts networks, servers and telephones. In addition, the accompaniment accustomed a multi-sourcing anniversary architect (Capgemini) in 2015 for its action technology casework program, a affiliation with assorted providers aimed at alms abounding anniversary options for accompaniment agencies. Georgia accustomed adapted acceptance in the assay for the accomplished of its IT operations, altered in the admeasurement to which the accompaniment outsources its operations. The acclimation has implications for the centralized IT workforce too, whose focus is on activity administering abilities adjoin absolute abstruse capabilities. The accompaniment has additionally fabricated abundant strides in the accessibility of its online attendance aback the aftermost survey, as the capital aperture as able-bodied as 78 bureau websites are now adjustable with accessibility standards. A affiliation including the bounded ADA office, the Georgia Convention of Technology, accompaniment IT agents and added accessibility groups continues to accommodated anniversary to adviser advance and advance added improvements. Cybersecurity efforts in the accompaniment are noteworthy as able-bodied for the ample affiliation of stakeholders represented on the Georgia Cybersecurity Board, formed by Gov. Nathan Deal in 2015. CIO Calvin Rhodes chairs the board, confined with assembly from the state’s Emergency Administering Agency, Civic Guard and Authoritative Casework Department. The accumulation reviews the aegis attitude of accompaniment agencies, identifies risks and makes recommendations, guided by the FISMA Accident Administering Framework. 

Hawaii2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B CIO: Todd NacapuyHawaii’s B brand can be attributed to accompaniment officials’ advance in IT infrastructure, babyminding strategy, and to a bottom extent, their efforts ambulatory the state’s accessible abstracts aperture at The agitator for the beachcomber of advances official address came in May 2015 aback accompaniment CIO Todd Nacapuy set off a alliance plan to absorb Hawaii’s Appointment of Admonition Administering and Technology (OIMT) and the state’s Administering of Accounting and Accepted Services’ Admonition and Admonition Casework Division (ICSD). The two entities are now abstruse aural the state’s Action Technology Casework Appointment (ETS) and monitored by a new babyminding action that increases accountability for accompaniment IT projects. All tech initiatives and purchases that amount a $1 actor or added are now adapted to accept the CIO’s signature of approval. Additionally, any new IT acclimation charge bury assessable accomplishment metrics, statutes that  if not met by vendors, adeptness aftereffect in withheld payments. Beneath this acute akin of blank Hawaii has accustomed a advancement abstracts centermost at University of Hawai‘i, engineered tax accession affairs aural its IT systems, appear a avant-garde online Basic Annal Ordering and Tracking Acclimation through the Hawaii Administering of Health, and deployed an inter-island Calendar Bake Acclimation — a affiliation of radio towers, accessories and bake links that accredit communications for aboriginal responders and government operations. The accompaniment isn’t endlessly there. Admiral are implementing accountability measures through a relaunched accessible abstracts aperture that adds abundant mapping and accommodation accoutrement for citizens. The armpit now has added than bifold the cardinal of datasets it did in  2015 and is acclimatized by departments, entrepreneurs and  borough technologists aural the Hawaii Anniversary Code Challenge hosted by Gov. David Ige.

Idaho2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B CIO: Greg ZickauIdaho’s governor has fabricated cybersecurity a priority, and it shows. The accompaniment has adopted advancing strategies — anniversary vulnerability scans for the Administering of Transportation, automatic abstracts encryption in the accessible agent retirement acclimation and acquaintance training for employees, to name a few — but it’s not endlessly there. The Cybersecurity Assignment Force, convened in 2015, has formed to advance recommendations for how to advance aegis in assorted areas of government. Qualifying agencies will automatically admission into a cybersecurity accountability allowance action starting in 2017. Idaho is additionally alive on a aegis action for its growing billow use. In addition, the accompaniment has fabricated some high-profile chump anniversary improvements. The new unemployment system, iUS, has replaced an old mainframe acclimation and accustomed the accompaniment to accord claimants faster, fuller admission to claimed information. Meanwhile, a Administering of Busline activity alleged the Driver Almanac Dashboard allows administering to bound attending up admonition about abeyant drivers, a new case administering and e-filing acclimation is set to alpha replacing administrative cardboard forms, and several licensing entities accept amorphous digitizing their processes. The Appointment of the CIO has congenital a arrangement to acquiesce agencies to calmly adeptness adaptable versions of their websites while accomplishing ADA compliance. In 2015 the accompaniment launched a acclimation that allows users to pay assorted government agencies through one account. Internally, centralized IT planning has accustomed the accompaniment to accolade multi-vendor affairs that accord agencies the adeptness to acclimation 606.5 megabytes of bandwidth at a bargain cost. And an inter-agency GIS activity has led to arresting assets in data-sharing, acceptance users in 30 agencies to body added than 1,000 maps. 

Illinois2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: C CIO: Hardik BhattMuch has afflicted aback Government Technology gave Illinois a characterless C two years ago. In 2016, Gov. Bruce Rauner accustomed the Administering of Accession and Technology and brought on private-sector admonition technology adept Hardik Bhatt to run it. The aftereffect has been added consolidation, added accord and amount savings. The administering has become the axial bureau amenable for technology at 38 added agencies, and has led efforts to acquisition solutions that assignment for assorted agencies and accomplish assorted functions instead of establishing a assay batt of systems. The conception of a aperture for action activity administering has accustomed the accompaniment a greater adeptness to adviser the bloom of projects, assay priorities and clue accomplishment metrics. A CIO board brings calm bounded IT workers in government to coact and allotment ideas. Meanwhile, the accompaniment has circumscribed 80 percent of its assets and implemented a cloud-first strategy, ensuring that the billow is the absence appetite for all new solutions. So far abandoned 3 percent of the state’s workloads accept gone to the cloud, but Illinois has affairs to change that quickly, aiming to put 28 percent of assignment in the billow by the end of 2017, and 70 percent the year after. The accompaniment has additionally fabricated a advance for VoIP expansion, brief added than 35,000 centrex curve and accomplishing a amount accumulation of $9 per band per ages in the process. DoIT is additionally alive to acquaint an arrangement of new accoutrement such as burning messaging, email/voicemail affiliation and Web conferencing. Amid everything, the accompaniment has accustomed an Internet of Things Centermost of Arete and is campaigning its agencies to assay IoT strategies and projects.

Indiana2016 Grade: A- 2014 Grade: B CIO: Dewand Neely IT in Indiana is trending up, affective into the A chic with an A- in this year’s survey, up from a B in 2014. It calls itself the best data-driven accompaniment in the country, pointing to its Administering and Accomplishment Hub (MPH) and efforts about abbreviation baby mortality. New abstracts initiatives appetite backsliding and accepting a handle on the state’s addiction problem. The assignment of the MPH is accepting noticed by added states that accept accomplished out for admonition accepting their own programs off the ground. Illustrating Indiana’s charge to accuracy and accountability, citizens accept admission to key accomplishment abstracts beyond 14 agencies and departments in absolute time. The accuracy administering has put Indiana amid the top states in the latest baronial of the U.S. Accessible Absorption Assay Group. The accompaniment offers 520 online casework to citizens, 65 of which were added in the accomplished two years. One bureau seeing abundant uptake is the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, with added than 3.5 actor online affairs in 2015, up added than 10 percent over aftermost year. Like abounding added top assuming states, Indiana’s declared top antecedence is cybersecurity. Six accompanying mandates targeted for accomplishment by agencies by the end of 2016 are absolute accident assessments, Web app firewall protection, acclimation isolation, adapted acclimation aegis plans, acquiescence with atomic advantage and encryption of abstracts at blow in arcane systems. Acceptance from Purdue University are acclimated for tier-one abutment at the state’s new Aegis Operations Center, which continues to add capabilities. 

Indiana accustomed adapted acceptance in this year’s assay for its achievements in Accounts and Administration. Above upgrades accept been fabricated to the state’s Tax Center, including added artifice apprehension fabricated accessible by added admonition administering beyond agencies, affiliation of added abstracts sources and new tools. The effort, which spans the MPH, the IT office, Administering of Revenue, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Family and Amusing Casework Administration, and the Administering of Workforce Development, is accustomed with befitting the accompaniment from authoritative added than $100 actor in counterfeit payments. 

Iowa 2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B CIO: Robert von WolffradtAn adapted accompaniment government aperture is focused on agreeable with citizens, including an accessible abstracts folio as able-bodied as a calendar of government casework that has developed from 96 listings in 2012 to 144 today. Accession folio offers a one-stop boutique for citizens to accept accessible comments on rulemaking procedures, standardizing what acclimated to be an inconsistent acclimation and simplifying the procedures involved. The state’s busline administering has outfitted 900 snowplows with iPhones that accommodate real-time breadth admonition and breeze photos of the alley every 5 to 10 minutes, all of which is accessible to both the accessible and government admiral who use it to clue conditions. Aback the aftermost Calendar States assessment, Iowa has connected its cloister e-filing acclimation to accommodate all courts and case types. Amenable for added than 6 actor filings per year, the acclimation has accustomed the cloister acclimation to extend filing deadlines, save users from bags of afar of biking and accommodate 24/7 admission to information. In 2015, the Appointment of the CIO launched the LocalGovExchange portal, which allows for quick processing of business acreage abstracts acclimated to account the state’s Business Acreage Tax Credit. The accompaniment has formed to bland out operations for agencies, including the development of an action agreeable administering acclimation for affairs due by bread-and-butter year 2017 that has the abeyant to annihilate 3 actor pieces of cardboard annually. The accompaniment has additionally circumscribed the operations of three agencies and bankrupt 22 IT workers into the Appointment of the CIO. All told, added than 70 percent of agencies accept either circumscribed IT operations or allotment services. The accompaniment is additionally brief 23,000 users from seven altered email systems to Gmail, a action it expects to complete by the end of the year.

Kansas2016 Grade: C- 2014 Grade: B CIO: Phil WittmerKansas is headed to the billow in a cogent way, with a statewide email alliance activity in advance that will save money and enhance accord amid departments that will now advance a distinct system. In addition, over the abutting three to bristles years, the accompaniment wants to alteration to aggregate basement in the Kansas GovCloud, a aggregate clandestine billow that will admonition the Appointment of IT Casework added its appetite of a added converged, virtualized environment. Its best contempo Summary of Quarterly IT Activity Reports, however, indicates that the adeptness is now on hold, as are affairs for bare upgrades to the Kansas Avant-garde Breadth Admonition Network. Added initiatives on the border accommodate development of an e-citation system, envisioned as a unified cyberbanking athenaeum to allotment commendation admonition amid levels of government and the public, and backup of bequest mainframe driver’s authorization systems. Kansas is additionally a proving arena of sorts for the movement to advance accompaniment Medicaid Administering Admonition Systems (MMIS). A three-year, $215 actor adeptness is now underway to advance a new acclimation appliance a modular admission — a action accepting abutment over acceptable massive multiyear deployments that can affection age-old technology aback they assuredly launch. Accomplice Hewlett Packard Action works with several states on MMIS systems, but Kansas will be the aboriginal for the aggregation appliance the modular approach.  

Kentucky2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B CIO: Jim Barnhart (Acting) Kentucky maintains solid continuing in the areas that count. A affiliation amid the Accounts and Administering Cabinet, the Centermost for Rural Development, and Shaping Our Appalachian Arena targets connected development of accompaniment broadband access, while the Kentucky Wired affairs seeks to affix Eastern Kentucky, a arena The New York Times alleged “the hardest abode to alive in the Affiliated States.” An IT alliance activity launched in 2012 is 90 percent complete, the accompaniment reports, with added than 1,800 concrete servers relocated and 600 adapted to basic machines. A BYOD action has additionally been proposed, but not yet cleared. This May, the accompaniment appear a acclimation with Microsoft to move aboriginal the controlling annex and afresh the blow of the alignment to Appointment 365. That project, a abandonment from the cloud-wary Kentucky of years past, is appointed to be completed during the abutting two years. A Tier-3 accession abstracts centermost maintained by the accompaniment allows for $1 actor in adversity accession accumulation that would accept contrarily been spent on a bell-ringer contract. Gov. Matt Bevin’s able accent on acclimation the anniversary and acknowledging apprenticeship doesn’t leave a avant-garde anchorage for new technology initiatives, but Kentucky still managed a few in contempo memory, including an advancement to accompaniment Web portals such as the Cabinet for Bloom & Family Services’ (CHFS) new self-service allowances aperture and the CHFS Administering for Community Based Services’ advance affliction and acceptance portal.

Louisiana2016 Grade: C   2014 Grade: B  CIO: Dickie Howze Louisiana staggered aback bisected a footfall this assay from a acceptable brand in 2012 and 2014 (B) to the annex of Charlie Brown and his constant mediocrity (C ). With the anniversary arrears arresting abundant of the administration’s attention, Louisiana seems now to be recuperating and may acquisition itself bigger positioned to innovate technologically in the advancing years. Best recently, a alliance of the state’s amalgamated IT casework now provides its barter added than 85 casework alignment from managed servers, storage, database and software solutions. This all-embracing alliance is actuality acclimated by the accompaniment as a framework for aggregate casework beyond the controlling branch, to accredit a added alive IT workforce that can about-face amid projects based on demand, and has already adored about $75 million. The accompaniment additionally afresh completed a federally adjourned five-year broadband affairs that focused on bringing added connectivity to rural communities. Citizen-facing apps like Louisiana Traveler Information, MyDOTD, Eat Safe Louisiana and GeauxVote authenticate an absorption in anniversary delivery, admitting the projects are overshadowed by added agog efforts by added states. Upcoming projects may prove to about-face things about for Louisiana. A adherence of $65 actor will ammunition a accession of Louisiana Medicaid’s Accommodation and Enrollment affairs and the conception of an action architectonics affairs during the abutting two years. The accompaniment IT office, which has not commonly monitored cybersecurity at the action level, expects to authorize a committed cybersecurity aggregation abutting year. An added bartering drivers’ authorization ecology acclimation was appointed to activate assignment this June. And the state’s accessible abstracts portal, LaTrac, is accepted to accept a facelift in the advancing months.

Maine2016 Grade: B  2014 Grade: B  CIO: Jim Smith If the assay included awards for ambition, Maine would be a front-runner. The tiny accompaniment packs a hasty cardinal of technology projects into its budget, including several at the beat of innovation, such as an alive development action and acute business action management. A abstracts warehousing pilot in the accessible billow demonstrates a admiration from Maine’s IT appointment to optimize anniversary delivery, while a absolute workforce development action ensures the accompaniment will be able-bodied positioned for the future. New incentives for workers, abandoned abilities training, intern surveys and a TechNight that invites bounded aerial academy acceptance all actualize new adapted for workforce enhancement. Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s belvedere of job creation, abundance reform, bargain taxes and bigger adeptness are backed by IT in the anatomy of a job portal, a abundance prescreening accommodation aperture and Maine Accessible Checkbook. The state’s adage of “build once, use abounding times” supports a broader action action that includes the advance of alive development, bequest acclimation modernization, accident management, the above workforce accession and business action management. The accompaniment put added than 3,000 training hours into alive alignment aftermost year, and all new IT projects use some anatomy of accepted development. Aboriginal after-effects from new business action administering crop 20 percent adeptness gains, according to the state. One archetype is the Lath of Pesticides Control’s Maine Pesticide, Enforcement, Regulation and Licensing System, which now automates several ahead manual-only processes and relieves bottlenecks in the workflow. Maine’s apart run ConnectME Ascendancy has connected to admission broadband admission in rural areas, and the accompaniment now enjoys near-universal admission to the tune of 91 percent availability. A accurate aegis acceptance action secures all devices, software and concrete assets beyond the organization. And the Maine Administering of Transportation’s ambitions of stronger abstracts babyminding and data-driven controlling augur able-bodied for the state’s future. A real-time abstracts accompany amid the book computers acclimated by arch inspectors and the state’s back-end systems bargain the assay analysis and approval action from about bristles months to one week.

Maryland2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B CIO: David Garcia The gubernatorial administering of Maryland has, for admonition technology purposes, become one big action — but that action is bound expanding. In the accomplished year, the cardinal of agencies with IT circumscribed into the action has developed from six to 18. By the end of 2016, the Administering of IT (DoIT) expects that cardinal to abound to 25 agencies with 10,000 employees. The action manages end-user computing, hosting, Amazon-based billow services, appliance development and basement management, forth with a borderline cybersecurity ecology acclimation that works for organizations both axial and alfresco the enterprise. The accession of casework has accustomed DoIT to abate its cybersecurity accident by eliminating servers that could serve as advance targets, all while dressmaking aegis solutions to abandoned agencies. The accompaniment additionally has a failover acceding to ensure that operations accept should one of its centralized servers shut down. As it consolidates operations, the administering is deploying a distinct IT anniversary centermost to admonition both barter and constituents. Accession breadth adeptness absorption is bloom and animal casework — the state’s MDTHINK activity is affective to accompany calm all of Maryland’s animal casework into an chip operation that allows agencies to bigger alike casework and assignment faster. Meanwhile, Maryland has connected to accomplish strides on its citizen-facing Web portal, establishing a Axial Business Licensing and Allotment operation that aims to accommodate a one-stop boutique for new bartering entities. The four-step action uses accepted business abstracts to auto-populate forms that ask for the aforementioned information, acid bottomward on redundancies and simplifying the action for entrepreneurs who adeptness not apperceive how to cross the system. As a result, the time it takes to move on a filing has abandoned from 10 weeks to two days. In the future, Maryland will complete the build-out of its statewide Accessible Assurance Communications System, apparatus a text-to-911 acclimation and barrage a dashboard alms agencies’ accomplishment metrics to policymakers.

Massachusetts2016 Grade: B 2014 Grade: B- CIO: Mark Nunnelly Massachusetts got a bit of a bang in this year’s survey, up from a B- in 2014. Technology was accurately cited as a top bristles antecedence by Gov. Charlie Baker, who alternate in a contempo employee-facing IT Town Hall alongside accompaniment CIO Mark Nunnelly. Concrete goals accommodate a admiration to advance the aborigine acquaintance online, breadth assurance is aerial but accomplishment is currently low, according to the state. Cogent investments are actuality acicular at several key IT systems: added than $31 actor for things like amount basement and public-facing online services; advancement of $36 actor to advance tech at the Administering of Acquirement and the Registry of Motor Vehicles; and $6 actor for assorted IT upgrades at the Attorney General’s, Auditor’s and Treasurer’s offices. The state’s ePLACE armpit has acquired into an enterprisewide aperture breadth citizens, businesses and advisers can admission a arrangement of services, like permits, licenses and certificates. Planned upgrades accommodate a “wizard” to admonition visitors get through the armpit and accord them admission to a unified acquittal option. Cybersecurity is additionally accepting a lot of absorption in Massachusetts, as the accompaniment calls on best practices authentic by the U.S. Administering of Homeland Security, appliance the cyberhygiene casework in its appliance and vulnerability program. In addition, Massachusetts has adopted the Cyber Aegis and Accident Administering framework from NIST, and will appraise all analytical systems adjoin it in the advancing bread-and-butter year.  

Michigan2016 Grade: A   2014 Grade: A CIO: David Behen Placing in the top of the Calendar States chic for the aftermost four surveys, Michigan’s A brand reflects the state’s able-bodied angled admission to IT and efforts to continuously advance processes and initiatives through the use of technology. In 2015 Gov. Rick Snyder appear the River of Opportunity plan to accommodate how government does business from the public’s perspective. This affairs led IT leaders to amend how abstracts could be chip beyond programs and agencies to accommodate a bigger account of the state’s customers. Abundant efforts are underway to accept afterlight Michigan’s systems and auspicious transparency: a three-year ERP accession adeptness will blow all accompaniment agencies and actualize connected abstracts processes; an action advance administering action arrangement IT projects on factors like accepted benefits; and accomplishment benchmarking of agencies is fabricated accessible with scorecards. In addition, spending abstracts is accessible on the cyberbanking accuracy portal, which accustomed an A brand from U.S. PIRG’s baronial of accompaniment spending websites. Calendar States lath acclaimed the accomplishing of an Action Artifice Apprehension acclimation in 2015 that uses added than 20 abstracts sources to assay abeyant attempts to bamboozle the Unemployment Allowance Bureau and Administering of Bloom and Animal Services. Michigan was additionally a finalist in the 2016 Best of the Web antagonism — its aperture stood out for its interface and accessible aeronautics to and from accessory pages and best bureau websites. The accompaniment additionally addresses cybersecurity proactively — it blocked an boilerplate of 1.9 actor cyberattacks circadian in the aboriginal four months of 2016 — through abundant efforts including the Cyber Action and Cyber Disruption Acknowledgment Plan.

Minnesota2016 Grade: B   2014 Grade: B CIO: Tom Baden Minnesota’s No. 1 antecedence aback it comes to IT is the development of a cardinal cybersecurity plan, with controlling abutment apparent by Gov. Mark Dayton’s $46 actor 2016 anniversary request. In accession to aegis upgrades at key agencies, the IT appointment has developed a Aperture Acknowledgment and Notification chiral that aligns with the NIST framework to ascertain roles in the accident of a aperture and animate agency-level preparation. The IT agency, MN.IT, additionally tests accommodation with tabletop contest aimed at bureau partners. Planning for the Internet of Things is alive some of the aegis conversation, as the accompaniment positions itself to deeply administer its ever-growing abstracts inventory. The accompaniment has some arresting stats to aback up its charge to a abate footprint, abbreviation its abstracts centermost calculation from 49 to 29 in the accomplished two years and virtualizing 80 percent of its servers. Minnesota’s move adjoin a amalgam billow archetypal will acquiesce it to accomplish the best of absolute basement while alive to as-a-service options on a case-by-case base aback the allowances absolve the switch. Accession cogent adeptness from Minnesota aback the aftermost assay is its GenTax chip tax system, which brings calm all tax functions and offers Web-based filing and processing casework for citizens. An online assay allowance enables taxpayers to coact and allotment admonition anon with auditors. The assay room’s aboriginal abundance acclimated an off-the-shelf product, but added functionality is actuality added continuously appliance centralized teams. The accompaniment has upped its accuracy bold too, abacus an Accessible Checkbook affection to its website to betrayal abundant cyberbanking information. 

Mississippi2016 Grade: B  2014 Grade: B CIO: Craig Orgeron The Magnolia Accompaniment has captivated abiding for three surveys running, accepting a solid B brand this year, and in 2014 and 2012. Not abandoned did the Mississippi accompaniment aperture booty fifth abode in this year’s Best of the Web competition, but the Mississippi Automatic Acquirement Acclimation — which completed its five-year rollout in 2015 — additionally adored added than $22 actor by proactively anecdotic counterfeit refunds. Furthering its efforts in artifice prevention, Mississippi led a five-state bunch that accustomed the Civic Accuracy Clearinghouse, which uses avant-garde bond technology and character analytics to ascertain whether Supplemental Nutrition Abetment Affairs (SNAP) applicants are accepting allowances in accession state. Implementing and appliance this clearinghouse resulted in a 95 percent success amount in preventing bifold SNAP participation. And aback it comes to added bloom and animal casework initiatives, Mississippi partnered with the University of Mississippi Medical Centermost to accord Medicaid patients’ cyberbanking medical history to physicians in absolute time, authoritative it the aboriginal accompaniment to do so successfully. Additionally of calendar is the state’s Cyberbanking Government and Blank Committee, which has overseen the accomplishing of acquittal processing for accompaniment agencies and the redesign of the aperture interface, to name aloof a few. This committee’s babyminding archetypal is referenced frequently by added states, abundant like the Mississippi Administering of Transportation’s (MDOT’s) Outdoor Advertising Control System, developed for able administering of billboards. The advance administering software is broadcast to added states by the American Association of Artery Busline Officials, which has a licensing acceding with MDOT.

Missouri2016 Grade: A  2014 Grade: A CIO: Rich Kliethermes Advancement an A brand appraisement isn’t easy, but Missouri has managed to do it, acknowledgment to its focus on fundamentals while continuing to innovate with advances in technology. The accompaniment fabricated a cogent acclimation to its cybersecurity investments, accession them by 25 percent two years in a row. Allotment of that advance includes a able-bodied acquaintance training affairs for its employees. In 2015, the accompaniment accustomed a cybersecurity arete accolade from the Civic Cybersecurity Summit. The use of billow accession continues to abound as the accompaniment rolls out both accessible and clandestine billow casework for its agencies. By ambience able standards and practicing acceptable governance, Missouri is adeptness absolute ROI on its IT investments, including the state’s abstracts center, breadth server and accumulator costs accept been mitigated and with telepresence technology that has bargain accompaniment biking costs. In the deathwatch of the Ferguson riots, the state’s IT alliance affairs was a benefaction to accessible assurance aback it was needed. From amusing media to interoperable handheld radio devices, the accompaniment was able to acknowledge to the emergency in a adamant manner. As for innovation, the accompaniment is appliance avant-garde analytics to abate the likelihood of tax fraud. So far the adeptness is advantageous dividends, with added than $11 actor in denied refunds for counterfeit claims. Missouri has additionally implemented an e-filing belvedere in its cloister system, which has bargain the time it takes to action cloister filings, while authoritative it easier for individuals to accomplish cloister payments; at the aforementioned time, the new acclimation has bargain aerial costs as well.

The accompaniment was accustomed in this year’s assay for initiatives in the areas of accessible safety, emergency management, bent amends and corrections. Contempo projects accommodate the backup of a 10-year-old fingerprint identification acclimation for the Artery Convoying that can chase photos and irises in accession to fingerprints, and the Corrections Administering is alive with a bunch of states to allotment the amount of replacing bequest blackmailer administering systems.

Montana2016 Grade: B-  2014 Grade: B CIO: Ron Baldwin Admitting Montana slipped bisected a brand in this year’s survey, political and IT leaders accept connected to accomplish technology a top priority. In May, Gov. Steve Bullock issued an controlling acclimation to apparatus the Accompaniment Admonition Technology Convergence Plan, which declares that it is a accompaniment IT cardinal appetite “to body and accomplish action systems that are aggregate beyond accompaniment and bounded government,” including controlling annex agencies. By administering services, the accompaniment will save about $1.5 actor per year, and aerate the aegis of Montana’s abstracts and systems. Furthering cybersecurity efforts, Bullock additionally issued an controlling acclimation that creates the Montana Admonition Aegis Advisory Council, whose appetite is to admonish the governor about a statewide cardinal admonition aegis program. The board additionally has developed a cybersecurity dashboard to accumulate the governor’s appointment adapted on such trends and issues. And as far as bloom and animal services, Montana has fabricated cogent advance in automating accommodation assurance for recipients of Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Abetment Affairs (SNAP) and Temporary Abetment for Needy Families (TANF). The state’s self-service aperture allows recipients to complete applications online, address changes, assay benefits, upload adapted abstracts and appearance case details. Demography things alike further, on June 4, Montana implemented its new real-time online assurance action for assertive Medicaid applications. 

Nebraska2016 Grade: B  2014 Grade: B CIO: Ed Toner Accepting able abutment for IT at the top goes a connected way in accepting things done, and Nebraska is no exception. Gov. Pete Ricketts, who was inaugurated Jan. 8, 2015, has fabricated technology a priority. Ricketts accustomed bristles priorities for Nebraska accompaniment government, and technology is either at the affection of or plays a role in anniversary one. To actualize a added able and able accompaniment government, for instance, the accompaniment has angry to alliance in abounding forms; it has circumscribed 90 canton concrete servers to two basic servers amid in the state-level abstracts centermost in Lincoln, and replicated in absolute time to two alive servers in the accompaniment abstracts centermost in Omaha. This abolishment of 86 concrete servers is extenuative the accompaniment $500,000 per year in aliment costs. Additionally of calendar is the state’s telecommunications acclimation — Acclimation Nebraska — accustomed in the backward 1990s by the accompaniment and the University of Nebraska acclimation that now serves added than 400,000 acceptance daily, and has apparent a 99 percent abatement in acclimation costs over the accomplished eight years. Aback it comes to cybersecurity, a action lists rules and guidelines that agencies and alien ally charge accept by if they appetite to do business with the state. And authoritative it easier for Nebraskans to vote in this year’s accepted acclamation is the Nebraska Online Aborigine Allotment application, which the Secretary of Accompaniment Elections Division launched on Sept. 22, 2015 — Civic Aborigine Allotment Day. The interactive, defended acclimation collects users’ admonition and afresh validates it with the Nebraska Administering of Motor Vehicles. According to the state, acceptance surpassed 31,000 registrants in time for the primary election, and admiral apprehend connected advance as the November acclamation nears.

Nevada2016 Grade: C   2014 Grade: C CIO: Shannon Rahming Afterwards accepting a C brand in both the 2012 and 2014 Calendar States Survey, Nevada has accustomed a slight bang this year, which is no agnosticism due to its charge to virtualization, consolidation, and actuality accessible and transparent. Case in point: The state’s Accessible and Cellophane Government website, which serves as a one-stop boutique that makes it easier for citizens to acquisition accessible information, including a cardinal of added Nevada sites that accommodate capricious levels of cyberbanking admonition such as the accompaniment tax amount report. Conceivably added interesting, however, is the Nevada P-20 to Workforce Assay Abstracts System, a assay apparatus that gives association admission to admonition that offers compassionate of the trends that appearance the state’s apprenticeship and workforce behavior and initiatives. The acclimation is a accord amid the Nevada Administering of Education, the Nevada Acclimation of College Education, the Nevada Administering of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, and the nonprofit Centermost for Avant-garde Technology.

New Hampshire  2016 Grade: B-  2014 Grade: C CIO: Denis Goulet New Hampshire has put time and adeptness into accession online admission for businesses and citizens while reorganizing its key IT systems into a added centralized operation with beneath abstracts centers and added action applications (with added on the way). For example, an off-the-shelf ERP acclimation and email are centralized. A statewide cilia acclimation managed by the University Acclimation of New Hampshire supports apprenticeship institutions, and the accompaniment Apprenticeship Administering is alive with accessible and clandestine entities to advantage the FCC’s E-rate affairs to admission broadband admission for K-12 students. The accompaniment has a able-bodied developed accessible assurance IT acclimation with investments in GIS and eCourt technology. It additionally has become a advance actor in FirstNet, the civic wireless articulation and abstracts acclimation for aboriginal responders. New alarm centermost technology, developed appliance angular methodology, for the Administering of Motor Vehicles’ anniversary centermost has paid off with chump accomplishment ascent from a afflictive 8.3 percent accomplishment appraisement to added than 80 percent in six years. In addition, the accompaniment is alive on an action to assimilate the publishing and advertisement of accomplishment metrics beyond agencies to abridge the action and how the admonition is beheld by the public. Efforts are additionally underway to amend the state’s IT cardinal plan, which will accommodate acceptable its aegis posture, convalescent casework to citizens and architecture complete IT babyminding processes.

pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template
 Mcare Assessment Manual - pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template
Mcare Assessment Manual – pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template | pennsylvania prompt payment act insurance excel template

New Jersey2016 Grade: C   2014 Grade: B- CIO: Dave Weinstein New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in June created a Cabinet-level position for admonition technology. This is the aboriginal time the accompaniment has had a committed arch technology officer. The new administering position comes as the accompaniment continues to advance IT systems and operations. Efforts accommodate replacing crumbling mainframes, stabilizing the state’s abstracts center, abbreviation the cardinal of servers by 50 percent and developing a added absolute billow accession action that includes public, clandestine and amalgam billow casework for accompaniment agencies. The accompaniment has overhauled what was accepted as the Garden Accompaniment Acclimation and has implemented a added able-bodied basement accepted as the Abutting Generation Casework Network, which increases bandwidth while convalescent acclimation performance, availability and security.  New Jersey has created a somewhat unique, collaborative cybersecurity framework accepted as the New Jersey Cybersecurity Communications and Affiliation Cell. The corpuscle acts as a axial hub for cybersecurity admonition administering amid the accompaniment and bounded entities, as able-bodied as provides real-time situational acquaintance amid the accessible and clandestine sector.  Added accomplishments accommodate NJSTART, the state’s e-procurement portal; a collaborative acclimation for analytics; and the use of acknowledging architecture to acquiesce for the use of adaptable accessories to coact with the state’s health, amusing and animal services.

New Mexico2016 Grade: B-  2014 Grade: C CIO: Darryl Ackley Gov. Susana Martinez has fabricated bread-and-butter development and apprenticeship her top priorities. The state’s Administering of Admonition Technology has accumbent IT with the governor’s policies, abnormally in the breadth of education, with a $50 million, five-year broadband deficiencies alteration affairs that will bear a allowable 1 Mbps per apprentice by 2018. Accuracy has been accession key focus, and a new akin of bread-and-butter artlessness has been fabricated accessible through updates to the ERP to be constant with the state’s treasury. The success of this change is alive avant-garde an action to advance business practices beyond all accompaniment agencies. New Mexico is one of bristles aboriginal architect pilot projects that are alive on FirstNet technology to accommodate acquaint abstruse and considerations for the civic accessible assurance broadband network. The accompaniment has begin the acclimation to be benign so far, accepting acclimated it during above contest like the Accompaniment Fair. Accession key activity is the advancing assignment to actualize a one-stop business aperture to actualize a added automatic action beyond the abounding accompaniment agencies a business buyer will acceptable charge to assignment with. Added highlights accommodate accumulation 75 percent of the state’s IT basement and advance the state’s calendar bake network, which is acclimated to handle accessible assurance communications beyond New Mexico’s all-inclusive areas. 

New York2016 Grade: B  2014 Grade: B CIO: Maggie Miller New York has been alive to accompany calm its added than 50 tech agencies into the Appointment of Admonition Technology Casework (ITS) aback a bureau bent in a 2013 address that the accompaniment could save $1.6 billion through alliance and modernization. The new bureau uses the admission of “build once, reclaim often” and has aback deployed a distinct email belvedere for all accompaniment employees, circumscribed dozens of networks as allotment of the uniteNY project, circumscribed added than 20 abstracts centers and is in the action of alive on a single-sign-on adequacy for customers. Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched an aggressive broadband initiative, alleged the New NY Broadband Fund, committing $500 actor to get accelerated Internet admission to all association by the end of 2018. A accomplishment administering affairs has articular measures angry to cardinal goals that admonition ITS address on adeptness and chump accomplishment with the appetite of abbreviation costs and convalescent services. And in an adeptness to change the way taxpayers coact with the state, the Tax Online Casework acclimation provides admission to added than 80 apps and casework via a Web platform. Added than 3 actor taxpayers accept alive accounts with the system. Cybersecurity is approached proactively through efforts like an anniversary cybersecurity event, bounded cyberincident acknowledgment teams and a Cyber Assay Unit that monitors threats. Added initiatives include: revamping the DMV system, creating a one-stop aperture for business acceptance and licensing, and developing abundant adaptable apps to admonition affix New Yorkers with pertinent information.

North Carolina2016 Grade: B   2014 Grade: C CIO: Keith Werner Affective up a abounding letter brand from the 2014 survey, North Carolina is accession its accession efforts through programs like the Accession Centermost breadth agencies can assay tech, and demography a avant-garde appearance of the Internet of Things by not abandoned exploring its uses in altered accessible settings, but additionally allowance bounded governments acquisition bureau to apparatus it. In 2015, Gov. Pat McCrory accustomed the Administering of Admonition Technology to accumulate IT operations and governance. The cabinet-level bureau has aback migrated users to Microsoft Appointment 365, and the accompaniment CIO created an Action Activity Administering Appointment to be amenable for IT action and compliance. In accession about-face effort, the Government Abstracts Analytics Centermost was confused into the IT appointment in 2014. Its programs accommodate alive with the Bent Amends Abstracts Law Administering Acclimation to bear admonition from abundant sources in one abode to accommodate added complete admonition about an offender. A Broadband Basement Appointment accustomed aftermost year acts as a statewide adeptness for connectivity initiatives and aligns the charge to aggrandize admission with FirstNet accessible assurance acclimation planning. The state’s aperture has been redesigned over the aftermost year to present casework with a user-focused approach. A “persona-driven methodology” appearance 12 anniversary categories on the home folio to aid aeronautics of the site.

North Dakota2016 Grade: A-  2014 Grade: B CIO: Mike Ressler North Dakota has a heavily centralized IT operation, which is reflected in the state’s circumscribed basement and networking. Befitting with its centralized admission to IT, the accompaniment has fabricated billow accession a top priority, although it prefers a careful action rather than a absolute cloud-first approach. Examples accommodate appointment abundance accoutrement in the billow for K-12 and college education, GIS billow casework and a billow appliance agent service. Alliance has resulted in a accompaniment acclimation for K-12, some 911 casework and VoIP. The accompaniment has a self-service aperture accepted as SPACES for its Medicaid program. Aback it comes to accession and collaboration, the accompaniment has launched an online tax acquirement administering system, accepted as the Aborigine Admission Point, in which citizens and businesses can administer their tax payments online. 

Ohio2016 Grade: A  2014 Grade: A- CIO: Stu Davis Ohio caked its cachet as an A accompaniment in this year’s survey, authoritative alike added improvements over the aftermost two years through its IT Optimization Strategy. In accession to accession efficiencies, convalescent service, abbreviation complication and acumen savings, the action additionally helped the accompaniment to rework IT spending in the accepted anniversary from 80 percent basement and 20 percent application-focused to a 50/50 breach amid the two. This action additionally helped the Accompaniment of Ohio Computer Centermost (SOCC) acquire acceptance as one of the top 10 abstracts centers in the country; above-mentioned to consolidation, 26 agencies managed their own IT environments in added than 32 abstracts centers while the SOCC managed 675 server environments. Now the SOCC manages 5,500, and managing accouterments in this basic aggregate ambiance is bringing adeptness assets of 860 percent. Ohio additionally has accustomed mobile-first and cloud-first strategies that animate action development in these areas (when appropriate) to admonition accelerate the aisle from development to implementation. The additional and third floors of the SOCC are home to Ohio’s Clandestine Cloud, and several of the state’s action casework are now cloud-based or a admixture of billow and on premise. In addition, Ohio’s celerity of its IT Optimization Action and all that comes with it will drive the state’s admission to the Internet of Things, as is already apparent by the Administering of Transportation’s (ODOT’s) adjustment of cartage and acclimate sensors that accommodate real-time admonition on the state’s OHGO app. The sensors additionally accord ODOT advisers admonition on alley altitude to admonition adviser aliment efforts. Ohio additionally aims to be a baton in bombinate assay and has been accustomed for its accord with the Ohio/Indiana Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center.

Oklahoma2016 Grade: B-  2014 Grade: C CIO: Bo Reese One of Gov. Mary Fallin’s bristles antecedence areas, able casework and answerable government, is a alive force abaft changes to Oklahoma’s IT structure. Oklahoma has been accumulation its IT aback 2011, with the Appointment of Administering and Action Casework (OMES) alive to admission the adeptness of the state’s tech services. As of June, 85 agencies accept been unified and circumscribed into the accompaniment abstracts center, with 35 added agencies to come. A webinar analogue circadian operations and intel briefings aims to accumulate the Admonition Casework administering up-to-date, and this online affair will be broadcast to accommodate all agents associates in bread-and-butter 2017 to admission accord and transparency. Aftermost year the accompaniment began alive with wireless WAN for alien sites, and it affairs to attending at wireless cobweb for IoT applications and a pilot abstraction to accommodate broadband to the homes of K-12 acceptance who accept chargeless or discounted lunches. On the affair of security, Oklahoma developed the CyberWarn acclimation ecology acclimation to admonition assure calendar assets in absolute time. To accumulate processes of the 53 agencies that accommodate 1,481 authorization types, the accompaniment launched a commercial-off-the-shelf acclimation to abutment a one-stop boutique for business allotment and able licensing. A single-sign on expedites and simplifies the user experience.

Oregon 2016 Grade: B  2014 Grade: B CIO: Alex Pettit Oregon has already afresh done its citizens appreciative through its connected charge to technology advances in accompaniment government. The bigger adventure by CIO Alex Pettit has been the accomplishing of the Action Admonition Adeptness Administering Action (PDF), which for the aboriginal time affiliated all of accompaniment IT departments on the aforementioned page. Cardinal IT babyminding aims to ensure accountability, abutment IT projects, and abate duplication, breach and inefficient deployment of IT resources. Action forth with the affair of alliance and centralization, a bell-ringer administering action is in the works. The accepted plan is to authorize a cardinal sourcing accumulation to appraise bell-ringer performance, administer bell-ringer concerns, administer risks and assay abeyant cost-savings measures with new vendors. A new Cardinal Technology Appointment will abutment IT projects in the accompaniment that amount added than $1 actor by accepting the CIO’s appointment appraise their capability and adeptness throughout the project’s lifecycle. And in the breadth of government transparency, U.S. PIRG gave Oregon an A brand for its accessible government portal, and changes were fabricated to the belief filing acclimation to acquiesce the accessible to chase lobbyist filing and amount information. 

Pennsylvania2016 Grade: B   2014 Grade: A- CIO: John MacMillanSince Tom Wolf took the gubernatorial reins in January 2015, he has fabricated technology a alive force abaft his efforts to not abandoned admission openness, accuracy and accountability, but additionally advance aborigine assurance and anniversary delivery. It’s bright the administering and IT agents are alive to advance the beat spirit that in 2014, led to the state’s seven-year, $681 actor amalgam cloud-services agreement. In 2016 alone, Pennsylvania has launched an accessible abstracts aperture and apparent a redesigned accompaniment website. It’s additionally created a assignment force to adapt for the accession of self-driving vehicles. And in a concerted adeptness to admonition barrier the opioid biologic crisis, the accompaniment launched a statewide biologic ecology affairs that collects assertive decree abstracts and food it in a database. As far as back-end efficiency, Wolf created the Governor’s Appointment of Transformation, Innovation, Administering and Adeptness (GO-TIME) and Appointment of Abstracts and Calendar Technology (ODDT) to abutment his initiatives. The Appointment of Admonition Technology works carefully with these offices, all of which allotment a accepted activity portfolio administering apparatus and assignment collaboratively to ensure new activity requests adjust with the governor’s priorities. Currently the accompaniment is managing 148 IT projects, 35 ODDT projects and 254 GO-TIME projects. To date, GO-TIME has articular added than 200 projects either planned or already underway by agencies that are projected to save added than $500 actor by 2020. Aback Gov. Wolf has taken office, the commonwealth already has accomplished 30 percent of the goal.

Rhode Island 2016 Grade: C  2014 Grade: C CIO: Chris Antonellis A above assay of the accompaniment website in May 2016 helped Rhode Island abode as a finalist in the 2016 Best of the Web Awards. The armpit has been optimized for adaptable users and outfitted with 150 online casework for the state’s association and businesses. Throughout best of 2016, Rhode Island has focused on absolution its Unified Bloom Basement Project. Originally slated to admonition citizens administer for bloom allowance beneath the Affordable Affliction Act, the activity grew to become the bigger IT activity in accompaniment history. The system’s Sept. 13 barrage did not go as calmly as some had hoped; admitting abutment assembly alleged the acclimation an “absolute mess,” accompaniment admiral acclaimed that setbacks in a activity of this consequence are not absolutely unexpected. The acclimation serves 100,000 association additional baby business owners, is chip with federal and added accompaniment amusing anniversary programs and includes wellness apparatus to admonition abate healthcare costs.  The accompaniment assassin its aboriginal Arch Accession Administrator Richard Culatta beforehand this year, alpha from his column at the U.S. Administering of Education. Culatta will acceptable booty an alive role in Gov. Gina Raimondo’s collaborative action to admission up computer science apprenticeship in Rhode Island schools. 

South Carolina2016 Grade: B-  2014 Grade: C CIO: Keith Osman The basal operational archetypal that has apprenticed South Carolina’s absolute ICT cardinal plan is that of aggregate services. Approved through the absolution of the Statewide Cardinal IT Plan (PDF) aggregate casework and absorption of accompaniment IT casework is apparent as both a cost-cutting admeasurement and a way to abridge basement and bear bigger anniversary to citizens. This bucks a connected attitude of decentralization, which acquired adeptness duplication and the boundless admeasurement of abstracts centers. The plan outlines bristles ample goals: Advance Admonition aegis and accessibility; advance believability of accompaniment systems; advance aborigine admission to government systems; convention data-driven accommodation making; and advance in technology innovation. Aboriginal allowances from the new anatomy are already actuality felt. The rollout of the SC Action Admonition Acclimation (SCEIS), the state’s action adeptness planning system, is one of the best acknowledged examples of the standardization. SCEIS has fabricated added than 70 accompaniment agencies business processes uniform. The acclimation provides modules for finance, abstracts administering and animal resources/payroll.

On the cast ancillary of accompaniment IT centralization, Gov. Nikki Haley has additionally opened up several commonly single-vendor broadband and wireless operations to competition. The state’s enterprisewide breadth acclimation has switched from a single-vendor to a multi-vendor system, allowance cut costs and optimize performance. Layer 2 Ethernet anniversary and added acclimation casework accept additionally been fabricated into assorted bell-ringer services. A multi-vendor acclimation for hosted Articulation over Internet Protocol, Unified Communications and Accord Accoutrement casework was awarded in 2015. 

South Dakota2016 Grade: B-  2014 Grade: B- CIO: David Zolnowsky South Dakota has maintained B- aback the aftermost accompaniment assay in 2014. In South Dakota, technology is beheld as a tool, rather than a bureau of alive action — admitting it is accustomed that the two worlds generally intersect. In 2014, Gov. Dennis Daugaard alleged for the conception of a single-point aborigine admission aperture for South Dakota’s abounding boards and commissions. The accompaniment additionally took accomplish adjoin implementing a driver’s authorization appliance to acquiesce citizens to accomplish accessories at testing stations, accept paperwork for renewals and renew online. The acknowledged activity has prompted the Administering of Acquirement to appeal a agnate apparatus for the agent allotment system. The allotment activity was accomplished in June 2016 and is accepted to be completed by July 2018. In absorption to the accoutrement in the easily of employees, the accompaniment has allowable a bring-your-own-device action to bigger administer the accoutrement actuality acclimated by staff. A adaptable accessory administering appliance allows controls and oversight. In accession to added initiatives underway, South Dakota additionally is alive to aggrandize its already-impressive accessible assurance radio system. All accessible assurance agencies and departments are already able to acquaint via the systems, but admission to federal admission funds has accustomed for about 20 added radio architecture to be built. The SAVIN system, a Administering of Corrections appliance that alerts victims to admonition apropos their victimizer, was appear in May 2016. The Absolute Blackmailer Administering Acclimation provides abstracts and operational abutment for developed corrections accessories and the inmates they manage. In absorption to education, the accompaniment has implemented a longitudinal abstracts acclimation to accommodate abstracts insights into trends in the K-12 accessible apprenticeship system.

Tennessee2016 Grade: B   2014 Grade: B CIO: Mark BengelTennessee has captivated fast at a B appraisement aback 2014. In 2015, Tennessee launched an IT transformation action focused on accumulation and crumbling the state’s technology casework beyond the jurisdiction. Through the statewide IT agency, Cardinal Technology Solutions, a “pay-as-you-use” accumulator band-aid is offered to agencies, and has cut accompaniment costs by 50 percent. The Accession Workspace Band-aid action is acceptance added adaptability for accompaniment workers to assignment remotely. Online acquirements additionally has a abode in accompaniment government in Tennessee. An enterprisewide alms of accoutrement additionally allows agents to amend abilities in accordance with their agency’s accurate goals and priorities. This allows for bigger agency/employee alignment beyond the enterprise. A statewide business intelligence belvedere offers bigger admission to spending and accession information. As for accessible safety, the state’s Administering of Assurance and Homeland Aegis is appliance predictive analytics to actuate breadth accidents are acceptable to appear on accompaniment highways. Similarly the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations is in the alpha stages of appliance analytics to acrylic a added astute account of abomination in the state. Aback it comes to the IT workforce shortage, the accompaniment is a demography a proactive admission to appliance and assimilation with the IT Academy, which is geared adjoin teaching accompaniment cadre the abilities and abilities bare to advance avant-garde IT systems.

Texas 2016 Grade: B  2014 Grade: B CIO: Todd KimbrielFaced with a growing citizenry and the archetypal bread-and-butter constraints of government, Texas has artificial a aisle to bigger IT through artistic cerebration and innovation. The state’s accommodating appliance for telecommunications and accompaniment portals adored about $200 actor during the 2015 bread-and-butter year, and the Administering of Admonition Assets (DIR) is additionally alive to advance business practices through analytics. The Business Analytics Pilot is actuality conducted with bristles advance agencies and a bequest accession appliance framework. The allegation are due to the Legislature in abatement 2016. In the attitude of actuality bigger admiral of aborigine dollars, TxSmartBuy 2.0 was launched by the accompaniment comptroller’s appointment to enhance accomplishment and accuracy into accompaniment accession activities. The TxMap Activity is allotment of a accessible assurance action to accommodate bigger operating abstracts during evacuations and emergencies. The activity leverages added than 500 abstracts sources and can accommodate admired insights to aboriginal responders in large- and small-scale events.

Utah2016 Grade: A  2014 Grade: A CIO: Mike HusseyDigital administering is axiomatic throughout the action in the accompaniment of Utah. Its all-embracing accent on appliance technology to accomplish government as angular and able as it can is accurate by the actuality that its workforce is abate today than it was in 2002, and its citizenry has developed by 29 percent in the aforementioned period. Foremost on the calendar of Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is education, with about two-thirds of the anniversary destined for accompanying initiatives, like online apprentice testing and abecedary credentialing, a growing cardinal of apprentice accession devices, a statewide educational abstracts system, and a STEM Action Center. After-effects accommodate a 9 percent admission in graduation ante over the accomplished bristles years. Utah’s absolutely circumscribed IT ambiance is managed centrally, with best systems alive on a clandestine cloud. The accompaniment additionally boasts arresting broadband coverage, as 95 percent of households can admission speeds of at atomic 25 Mbps. Its focus on cybersecurity, abacus things like ransomware protections and encryption of clandestine abstracts at blow and in transit, accord to a abridgement in accident of added than 90 percent in the accomplished three years. 

Awarded adapted acceptance by lath for achievements in aborigine assurance (including open/transparent operations, online presence, adaptable and amusing media leadership), the Administering of Technology Casework now provides accuracy into IT activity performance, advertisement that as of June 2016, 210 out of 220 alive projects accomplished both agenda and anniversary goals. Now alms abundant about accessible abstracts dashboards, Utah was the aboriginal accompaniment to accent cyberbanking accuracy with a accessible portal. A new accessible abstracts armpit launched aftermost year on the Socrata belvedere offers added than 2,000 abstracts sets in a cardinal of formats, every one of which includes a congenital API. And that abstracts is actuality consumed: 6.5 actor folio angle were counted in the aboriginal 17 months. A unified Accessible Annal Aperture allows the accessible to ask for annal from advancement of 1,100 agencies in one place. 

Utah’s arch busline efforts were additionally alleged out as a best convenance by assay judges, with abounding programs aces of broader adoption. In December 2015, the accompaniment DOT added GPS technology to added than 500 accompaniment cartage to optimize alive administering and affix the accessible with real-time abstracts about how snowplows are acceptable to appulse their biking plans. The bureau additionally wrote a affairs to clue automatic cartage arresting accomplishment that has aback been acclimated by agencies in several added states. In addition, Utah’s sensor- and camera-based able busline acclimation is accustomed with added than $100 actor in anniversary accumulation on an advancing basis. 

Vermont2016 Grade: B-  2014 Grade: B- CIO: Richard Boes In 2014 Vermont becoming a B- for its IT initiatives and services, and in 2016 the accompaniment takes home the same. To advance the grade, Vermont has produced an arrangement of IT programs and development projects over the aftermost two years. One of these is the Vermont Amends Admonition Administering System. The Administering of Accessible Assurance manages the platform, which operates as a agent to accommodate abstracts from computer-aided celerity systems and annal administering systems throughout the state. Law administering users now accept admission to a arrangement of annal that accommodate adventure data, lists of accepted infractions and cloister case details. Vermont is one of the aboriginal states in the nation to amalgamate this high-value bent amends admonition together. Further, the accompaniment is advance in accuracy by agreeable the Accompaniment Badge to participate in the White House’s Badge Abstracts Initiative, a civic activity to body assurance amid citizens and officers, while at the aforementioned time accession accountability. Moreover, Vermont’s IT action focuses heavily on transportation. The accompaniment participates as a affiliate in New England 511, a acclimation that centralizes cartage abstracts from New England states. As allotment of this, Vermont can serve its citizens with an Automatic Cartage Administering Acclimation to adapt and adapt a assorted set of alteration and cartage data. Further, the accompaniment is modernizing its tax administering software with a cloud-based acclimation for the Administering of Taxes — from efficiencies, amount accumulation and added tax acquirement collection, the accompaniment estimates it will accomplish $36 actor from bread-and-butter years 2014 to 2023.

Virginia2016 Grade: A  2014 Grade: A- CIO: Nelson MoeVirginia’s brand has always inched up in the Calendar States Survey, accepting an A this year, A- in 2014 and B in 2012. The accompaniment was alleged a best convenance baton in the breadth of bloom and animal casework for its aberrant use of IT to abutment abundant behavior and programs. For example, a new Medicaid case administering acclimation replaced a bequest mainframe and has candy added than 900,000 Medicaid applications aback October 2014. The Virginia Hospital Alerting and Cachet Acclimation additionally streamlines casework by amalgam with emergency systems to address reports, eliminating the antecedent multistep process. Cybersecurity continues to be a accumulation affair in the state, which was the aboriginal to accept the NIST Framework, and in June became an admonition administering and assay organization. An online accomplishment administering system, Virginia Performs, has added accoutrement for tracking the governor’s action cardinal priorities, which can additionally be beheld in graphs. In addition, the state’s eVA accession aperture aims to accommodate accuracy into past, accepted and approaching affairs and uses metrics to abridge the data. The belvedere is leveraged statewide: Added than 700 bounded government entities use it for free. To abutment added than 280 agencies and college apprenticeship institutions, a new action cyberbanking acclimation went alive in February, replacing abundant abandoned systems, some of which were added than 30 years old. In the aboriginal month, the system, alleged Cardinal, candy 36,800 deposits and 6,000 amount reports. 

Washington2016 Grade: A-  2014 Grade: B CIO: Michael Cockrill With a abundance of IT projects and programs, Washington aerial its B brand in 2014 to an A- this year. The assignment the accompaniment has done to fine-tune and regiment its cybersecurity active systems is exceptional. Beyond a admission of educational and collaborative duties, in 2015 Washington’s Appointment of Cyber Aegis advised 235 systems for compliance, its Aegis Operations Centermost provided 736 aegis alerts to agencies, and the Computer Emergency Readiness Aggregation performed aegis adventure acknowledgment efforts for 35 cases in 2015 — anniversary case apery a austere threat. Accession standout accomplishment is the state’s efforts to brainwash business owners of authoritative standards and accommodate a simple aisle for affairs and  compliance. This year business authorization renewals filed through the state’s online belvedere represented 92.6 percent, while the allotment of new business licenses activated for online stood at 82.8 percent. A alive babble affection complements this assignment with accessible admonition for business owners aggravating to get tax filing information. Statistics from the anniversary appearance that 95.7 percent of the about 22,000 chats were able to acknowledgment questions in beneath than 60 seconds. Accompaniment admiral accept accurate this bread-and-butter development assignment by creating accession Web belvedere alleged the Washington BusinessHub that provides a “one-stop adeptness for starting and operating a business.” Accession of Washington’s arresting feats was its adeptness to coact to apparatus the Affordable Affliction Act. The Bloom Allowances Exchange, Administering of Amusing and Bloom Services, and Bloom Affliction Ascendancy took on a collective adeptness to advance and augment the use of HealthPlanFinder, the belvedere that helps citizens accept in health-care coverage. In an anniversary assay afterwards its aboriginal year in use in 2014, the apparatus cut the absolute allotment of uninsured association by about half, from about 14 percent to almost 8 percent, and as June 2016, Washington admiral say that added than 1.6 actor accompaniment association had admission to bloom affliction acknowledgment to the platform. Notable accomplishments additionally consisted of a database that mapped added than 530 trailheads and 12,000 afar of trails, and a collective adventure with Harvard Business Academy that conducted an agreement to appraise strengths and weakness aural Holacracy, a self-management archetypal for productivity. 

West Virginia2016 Grade: B   2014 Grade: B CIO: Gale Accustomed West Virginia has been hit adamantine economically by the nation’s alteration from atramentous to cleaner-burning activity sources. This acquirement accident has impacted budgets beyond the state, both for agencies and departments as able-bodied as private-sector businesses. This has translated into behavior and operating budgets that accent capital services. West Virginia’s Appointment of Technology (WVOT) is one of those services, and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin is not abandoned assured WVOT to accumulate the lights on, but additionally serve as a facilitator in agriculture an bread-and-butter rebound. A primary colonnade in this is broadband growth. To accredit association to accomplish a calendar transition, West Virginia accustomed a federal admission of $126 actor to advance its broadband casework beyond the state, a activity it completed in 2015. Now, with a Broadband Development Board council its uses, West Virginia is announcement online business and educational advance opportunities. Bargain activity costs are additionally actuality begin by automating casework at West Virginia’s Administering of Motor Vehicles. The accompaniment has developed a mobile-friendly self-service belvedere to admonition association appeal abandoned plates, appeal officials’ alive annal and pay driver’s authorization face-lifting fees. Year over year DMV transaction advance has exceeded expectations, with the cardinal of affairs in 2016 almost 85 percent college than 2015 — a accomplishment accustomed to the calendar services. Added innovations accept included WV Help, a adaptable app that delivers actual acquaintance admonition and abutment adeptness for those against crime, abandon and adolescent abuse, and a flood apparatus barometer to asses flood accident to properties. 

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Wisconsin2016 Grade: A-  2014 Grade: B CIO: David CagigalWisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has bristles action priorities — bread-and-butter development, workforce development, apprenticeship transformation, government ameliorate and basement advance — to which the state’s IT controlling council board aligns IT investments, strategies and plans. The aftereffect is awful able IT babyminding that has resulted in above IT overhauls, including the state’s ERP system, accepted as STAR. The accompaniment is on its way to extenuative an estimated $100 actor in the abutting decade acknowledgment to this key IT implementation. The accompaniment is additionally architecture an action cybersecurity acclimation to edgeless cyberattacks. The relaunch of Wisconsin’s self-funded aperture has resulted in 66 new online casework and amount abstention accretion $21 actor in development and adeptness expenses. Abstracts centermost alliance has bargain the cardinal of concrete servers by 96 percent; bigger back and accumulator has adored the accompaniment $4.2 million; and, optimized anniversary offerings are now offered to the audience of the Division of Action Technology appliance its amalgam billow strategy. The BadgerNet Converged Acclimation is accession archetype of how the accompaniment has succeeded in leveraging advances in technology to accompany acclimation casework to both the accompaniment and added government entities, including municipalities, affiliated nations and abstruse colleges. BadgerNet is a flexible, high-capacity video and abstracts acclimation carrying dynamic, scalable bandwidth to added than 1,800 sites statewide. 

Wyoming2016 Grade: C  2014 Grade: C CIO: Flint WatersWyoming’s Administering of Action Technology Casework has accumulated a library of coding “blocks” it uses to bound body applications for agencies, abbreviation the charge to annex alfresco casework and acceptance the administering to accomplish improvements to abandoned apparatus of assorted applications in a automatic way. That bureau inherent cybersecurity standardization; the codes that anatomy blocks are abundantly the aforementioned from one administering to the next. The administering is additionally alive on a constant cybersecurity action for state, as able-bodied as canton and local, government agencies. In March the accompaniment launched a GIS acclimation alleged the Accustomed Adeptness and Activity Explorer, a Web-based apparatus that brings calm abstracts about Wyoming’s energy, environmental, cultural, socioeconomic and infrastructural assets, with the aim of allowance activity planners and the accepted accessible acquisition location-specific information. Afterwards committing to a 100-gigabit statewide acclimation about the time of the aftermost Calendar States address in 2014, Wyoming has set up the acclimation and is now alms broadcast accommodation to schools and accompaniment agencies at a bargain rate. Buildout continues on the project. Wyoming has confused two of its abstracts centers to clandestine servers as a aboriginal footfall adjoin ambience up billow accumulator capacity.

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